Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tiling Done!

After an epic few days all the bathroom tiling is in place - I think it looks great! What I've chosen should be timeless enough not to date in a couple of years and I love the graphic Piet Mondrian look of it.
 It's now ready for grouting, which I started today and then I can extrude some silicone sealer into the expansion gaps and waterproof the grout seams. There will be a few days' delay while things dry out and then I can get the bath professionally re-surfaced and the plumbing installed. I've located a fixed and swing bath screen, which has been ordered. It should be here in about ten days. Tomorrow I'll do the rounds and look for a compact hand-basin that takes up less space than the monster I took out!

...........and here's a small reminder of what it looked like a week or so ago:

Slight difference?

Here's the Works Inspector keeping an eye on proceedings from a high vantage point.

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