Friday, April 14, 2017


I've done all the hard graft, the messy, dirty, dusty work and now I have to wait for three things: the items I've ordered to be delivered (hand-basin and shower screen); the bath to get it's shiny pristine new coat (26th April) and my handy help, Alan to return from his Easter break in Victoria. In this hiatus, I've been finishing off silicone sealing of expansion joints, completing the painting and sourcing a few odds and ends to make this space special ("I've become a staaahlist, daaaarling!")

I've had my eye out for some lovely rich red accessories for quite some time, to no avail until this morning (in Bunnings of all places) These resin ones are perfect and pretty much exactly what I had in mind. Note: the window still needs a good clean and scrape on the outside - it was sloppily painted last time it was done.

And I put together this cheap and cheerful cube storage unit that has fabric drawers. It's really shoddy stuff (cardboard came with the kit to tack on the back - I'm going to use some fabric instead) but it will do for now until I can design and make a more permanent storage unit. I even found some towels in the right colours on special in one of the city department stores. Might go and get a few more next week - it's ages since I had any new towels. This is FUN now!



  1. It's going to be faaaabulous Daaaaahling!

  2. I had to laugh at your "staaahlist, daaaarling!" as my Sister and I have been saying that as she is sstaaahling her house to sell it. She also went shopping at Kmart, of all places daaaarling, and found some cute items for sstaaahling. What a lovely home you are making Susie, your talents are boundless.

  3. I've always been a bit disparaging of the whole idea of "styling" - it seems kind of artificial or something - "style" should emanate from how you live, not just be something you go out and shop for.........but with this red/grey accented bathroom (way out of my go-to blue comfort zone!) I'm having so much FUN! Good luck to your sister with her sale......and staaaahl away. I really see the point of styling in the case of preparing a house for sale - you want it to be appealing without too much comfortable personal clutter, right?
    PS Kmart has some good stuff - I found some great marble things for the kitchen there for a small price