Thursday, March 15, 2018

Roof Fixing

Summer is drawing to a close, but the weather has stayed mostly warm and dry - ideal for getting onto the roof, biting the bullet and getting it fixed. It is a galvanized iron roof, like most of the rooves in Tasmania - a great, long-lasting and effective roofing material. However, after 50+ years in place, this roof was succumbing to the effects of time and beginning to rust, especially on the south-eastern side. Most people deal with problem by ripping it all off and replacing it, which is what I would have done if the rust had been too bad.  But it was very much only surface rust, which could be removed using a wire brush attachment on my electric drill, the metal treated with converter and then it could be primed and painted with special rust-guard paint. Also, replacing a whole roof is pretty expensive! It is a big job, because the area is large and there is are numerous of processes to be gone through properly to achieve a good, lasting final result. I decided I needed to do it is stages, in case the weather broke before I got done (I didn't want to leave bare metal exposed to wet weather for any length of time)..........I am well on the way. I'm only doing the side that is worst before the winter - the other side, with almost no rust, can wait until next summer.

 There is quite a good view from up on my roof - over the city to the north east and to the Western Tiers to the south west. I'm enjoying the view as I am up there working.

I did quite a lot of rock-climbing in a former life, so I feel fairly OK working at height. needless to say, I am being very careful!

Here is how things stand: the foreground section that is lighter in colour is completely finished, the middle section has been treated and primed and the small section in the background remains to be done. I'm getting there. I am enjoying it, but I'll be glad now when it's done!