Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bathroom Update

I've been working non-stop getting the bathroom prepped, tiled and painted........much progress has been made and the end is in sight! I've been on a steep learning-curve, learning how to cut tiles; how to make holes in them to accommodate plumbing pipes; how to lay them straight and properly spaced; how to mix the adhesive to the right consistency and so forth. It would be an understatement to say I am pleased with the result! It helps that the room is actually very straight and true, which has made this job easier than it might otherwise have been. That said, this has definitely been the single biggest job I have tackled alone. (Well I must acknowledge my friend Alan, who helped at the ripping out stage to lift out the old hand-basin unit and cap off the water outlets while I carry out the work.

Playing around with tiles before beginning to lay them.

Cutting a tile to accommodate plumbing

Staring to tile around the bath area.

So this is where things stand: all the painting has been done (except the door); the floor tiles are all laid and ready to grout and one wall of the bath surround has been tiled and is also ready for grouting.
 I'm hoping to finish all the tiling today, including the red and grey skirting tiles (as laid out in the above photo). Then tomorrow I can start grouting and sealing. Once that is done, I can call in the resurfacing company to renew the tub. Then it's just a matter of putting in a new hand-basin, putting up some shelving next to the basin, connecting up the plumbing and installing the shower and the glass screen. Oh yes......and re-hanging the door!

I'm starting to think about finishing touches now: I want to make a roman blind for the window, so I have my eye open for a suitable print fabric. I also have my eye on some cubic open shelving that has pull-out fabric drawers that you can add. So I'm thinking that would look good without busting the bank, and I can leave some of the cubes open for towels.......
*Thinks: I need new towels*