Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Study Nook

There is a corner in my lounge room that was fairly unusable, tucked as it is next to the fireplace. I decided to turn it into a study nook, with a built-in computer desk with a set of shelves above.

The shelves were a gift from my friend, Lynn, who was flooded out last year in the June flood and had to have the interior of her house stripped out and re-done. These shelves survived the flood and are way too good not to re-use, being made from solid Tasmanian Oak. They also have a kind of mid-century retro look that suits this house. I cleaned them up, which was easy, because they had fortunately been above the floodwater when it came through Lynn's house. They are screwed directly onto the wall into the studs (Thinks: must buy a stud-finder - the studs were HARD to locate!)

I made the desk from a piece of solid, thick plywood, painted grey like the walls and attached with wooden brackets and a strip attached to the wall. It's good and solid.

The chair is a lovely vintage bentwood chair that I've had for years. I made a round cushion to make it more comfortable, using the same fabric that I'll be using to make Roman blinds for the dining room.

Now this corner is no longer dead space, but much-used. I still have a computer area set up in my studio, with scanner and printer, but I love having this second little study!

Spring is finally here: the garden is blooming and really beckoning on sunny days. And it's a great time for Spring lunches with friends!


  1. Very happy with it, Tanya - it just works!

  2. How lovely! And wonderful to have something as nice as those shelves salvaged from Lynn and John's house. Now you won't have to leave the cosy fire to ckeck on FB.

  3. Lovely photo of you and Bob too!
    Can you use another bentwood? It needs a bit of TLC and a cushion. My friend gave to to me but I've run out of room!

  4. Well spotted, Cathran! Yes I'd love the chair - I'm good at TLC and love bentwood......Thanks!

  5. Great will msg you next time we are coming down xxx