Thursday, February 7, 2019

Finishing The Garden Studio

Well, another Christmas has come and gone and summer is just beginning to wind down a bit after weeks of hot, dry weather. I was on a mission to get the little back garden studio space to a completed-enough state to use it on Christmas Day (I hosted 22 family for lunch and needed all the space I could get..........I used the studio as a coffee/tea station and chill-out space.)

Since then, I've gone on to finishing it off as my backyard studio retreat - a sweet little space to read, sketch, sculpt, listen to music and even use as an extra bedroom when required.

I'm so happy with it and I spent very little doing it, just a bit of time. This is what it was like before.........and this photo is somewhat flattering:

Here's a view from the same angle:

And from two different angles......

So much more inviting, don't you think?

My next big project will be the kitchen floor - I can't wait to purge myself of the layers of old vinyl and lino and strip those lovely boards that are underneath! When it gets a bit sunny in there, that floor covering gives off a weird smell - won't be sorry to be rid of that!

I've had a quote to have the fascias, gutters and downpipes replaced - something that I decided needed to be done professionally - that will be done in early April and then I can get on and continue with the painting of the external woodwork.
Here's what else I'm hoping to get done over the next few months:
*Side fences on both sides
                               *Re-do all the insides of the kitchen cabinets 
       *Open shelving in the kitchen
    * Paint front deck and steps 
        *Repair some loose brickwork 
             *A bit of repointing of brickwork 
*Finish painting inside   

That's quite a list - I'd better get on with it! 


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