Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Unbuilding is cathartic. Very. The old bathroom has been all ripped out - all the dodgy "improvements" (with the accompanying huge gobs of silicone filler) have gone, and the bathroom is pared back to its bare bones. I've ripped out old vinyl flooring, skirting boards and my friend Alan, helped me to stop off the water outlets and remove the ugly old vanity unit.

I've replaced rotten timbers where damp has caused damage and pulled off broken plaster to replace the lower half of the wall ready for tiling.

Can't wait to replace it with something bright, clean and functional! I'm hoping, though modest, it will have a bit of a wow factor.

Here's the ceiling showing the second coat of plaster being applied. The finish it actually getting pretty smooth........I'm happy! Big effort, but worth it.

And do you know something? bathing in the laundry trough is not so bad. For a while!

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